Sponsored subformat

Tailored ready solutions

Building an own community, scaling activities, and positioning within the YouTube algorithm is a long-term investment. That’s why we’ve created a proposal that cleverly bypasses these barriers.

Large organic reach

Together with the youtuber we prepare a concept of a “subformat” on the channel of which the brand is a partner. Thanks to this, an Influencer has to carry out his or her plans, provide valuable content to the viewers, and the brand uses an already built community.

Access to remarketing lists

Access to the remarketing list constitutes a great value – at the client’s request, we can reach viewers of our format with subsequent sales closing ads or create target groups similar to our viewers (lookalike).

Associating an ambassador with a brand

A sponsored subformat also impacts the attitude of recipients to a brand – viewers know that thanks to the cooperation the creator can produce higher quality content. Over time, the influencer becomes the brand’s natural ambassador.

High conversion

Such operations result in a several times better conversion than standard methods (even several hundred percent of ROI or a several dozen percent increase in sales).

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